How to find a solution if you have a Titanium SDK issue

😱 “No simulator detected” 😱
Message like this can be very frustrating when you are about to start a new app project with Titanium Mobile or it suddenly appear after starting your machine. The solutions is most of the time really quick to find if you know where to look or ask! BTW: this one is a XCode error and the solution is “Xcode preferences -> locations -> Command Line Tools” (as mentioned in my installation tutorial)

Where to find the solution?

The Titanium community is active at multiple places. Depending on your personal preference, the size of the issue and how fast you want a solution you can try these websites/tools:

TiSlack (Slack)

The best and quickest place to find help is – the Titanium Mobile Slack group with over 3000 users. You’ll find SDK announcements, job offers, new plugins and a big help-me channel including a very friendly community in there!

You need a plug-in, have a problem updating an old app? Join the Slack and ask! Community members are in every timezone and there is always a person to help you.

Github discussions

Github discussions? Yes, Github is not only the place for the Titanium Mobile source code, it also has its own discussion section:! Especially if you have a question where you don’t need the answer right away or is a bit longer or complicated with lots of code or links. Another advantage: it is better to find old topics and you can just use your normal Github account to ask. There are already 100 of solved questions and “show and tell” posts.
Side node: every discussion topic is showing up in TiSlack too (#helpthem channel)! So TiSlack users do see if there is something new on Github.

If you have found an issue in the SDK itself or a module you can also use the page. And if you have the repo open already: look at the PR section to see what’s coming to Titanium soon 😉


Stackoverflow, the “copy-and-paste” coding solution for everything! If you are a fan of that page you can use it, too. Just use the tags titanium-sdk, titanium-alloy, titanium-modules, titanium-android, titanium-ios for your questions. Since it was owned by Appcelerator before you’ll find many posts with the old tag appcelerator-titanium and titanium-mobile.
A quick search for [appcelerator] or [appcelerator-titanium] or [titanium] or [titanium-mobile] or [titanium-sdk] helps to find the newest issues in case you’ll want to help other users and want to earn some Stackoverflow points.


Many Titanium users use Twitter or Mastodon. The best hashtag to use for your question is #titaniumsdk. Use Tweetdeck and add a search-column with #tidev to see all tweets (questions, announcements,..) and enable Mastodons “advance web interface” to get a Tweetdeck-like column layout and add a hashtag search to see all toots.

Other solutions

Of course you can use this page and contact me if you need an Android module, app support or want to start a new app. One community member started a own BBS style forum at (some very good posts in there!!) and there are blog posts about various topics on Medium or If you write an article make sure to always add #tidev so people can find it – tweet in and you’ll get a retweet.
Even the old Axway blog has still some great articles with useful information. But there won’t be any new articles there.

As you can see: Titanium is everywhere and the community is there to help you if you have a problem!
Join the community and start building awesome cross-platform mobile iOS and Android apps.

💪 Code strong

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